HEAD OVER HEELS.ORG | Person behind the site

I like photography, and this is an effort to get myself motivated with taking photos on a more regular basis and to develop my skills. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to share. If not, you can always contact me and tell me to try a lot harder; of course, you can also tell me if I’m doing pretty good, that’d be great too.

I’m going to try very hard to post something worthy everyday, maybe I can manage to keep this up for a full year… we’ll see what happens.

I originally put photos up at my other site, karmasoup.org but that didn’t work out so well, it’s now solely for displaying my design and illustration work; feel free to head on over and take a look as well. I try to balance the updating between the two, keyword being try here…


The Name

headoverheels gets its name from the Tears for Fears Song, sometimes I wonder if I should’ve been an 80’s child.


  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Various Lenses
  • Film (sometimes)